About Oblivion

We are an arts based collective focusing on electronic music and modern visual art in the techno realm. Our main focal points are forward-thinking events, a label and a booking agency providing support for local and international artists.

Oblivion was born out of a need for something different to be offered in the underground dance music scene in Melbourne. Events focused on exposing talented artists from overseas who might be overlooked or not on the radar for the mainstay promoters in the region and a focus on installations and visual art projects to connect the senses and provoke new ideas. 

A few years down the track and a short hiatus has led to a rebirth of the collective and a refreshment and new sense of focus. 
Expanding into a booking agency and platform for the production and publication of various artistic endeavours is a reflection that OMG will continue to grow and branch out organically. Welcome to oblivion.



PO Box 163, Flemington, Victoria 3031, Australia